Friday, July 9, 2010

Colonial Beach Triathlon on Sunday!

Today I went to packet pick up. My race isn't till sunday morning, but I decided to go today to see if I could ride the bike course and get a good feel for it. As I was driving into Colonial Beach, however, the roads that the bike course was on, were narrow and had a bit of traffic on it, and with a speed limit of 55, I didn't feel comfortable riding by myself. I did however drive the course. It is an out and back ride. The first and last 6 miles are FLAT, almost as flat as a pancake. Afterwards you hit a few rollers and eventually you get to one big hill. Its bigger on one side, so I will only go up that side once and then coming back will be able to fly down it.
The run is even more flat and runs along the shore. It's a pretty cool run course, and driving around it, there was plenty to look at.
The water looked choppy today and had white caps all over the place. I've never swam in such a wide body of water before. The past tri's were either in a calm lake or a pool. I'm looking forward to battling the chop! The whole course looks like a lot fun and fast.

I know a lot of people make predictions or goals to try and accomplish for their race, and I am typically one of those people. But this weekend, being its my first race in over a year, I've decided to go out and just hammer away and see what happens. I just want to give it my all, leave everything out on the course, and have no expectations and no pressure. Just do my best and I get what I get.
With that said tho, I want to beat my competition too! lol. I found out that the relay team I am going up against has a state champion cross country runner. I already knew they had a jr national swimmer. So I don't think I stack up very well against them, the only way I know I can beat them is to beat their cyclist up pretty bad, but I looked him up on google (i know, stalker lol)and found some results dating back over the past decade. Looks like he's experienced, and cyclings my weakest leg. So, I am not going to be too concerned with them.

On the other hand, ever since my buddy got me into triathlon, ive been wanting to race him. And everytime we sign up for the same race, something happens where one of us can't race. Well hopefully, if the weather doesn't rain, I think I'll get my first shot at racing him. I am much faster on the swim and run, but the man is sick nasty (yes I said sick nasty lol) on the bike. So he'll easily erase any lead on the bike, and I'll have to track him down on the run, maybe.

Also, theres only 5 guys in my age group. I'm sure 1 or 2 of them will be really fast. I'll let you all know how I stack up to them on Sunday.

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