Monday, June 28, 2010

Motivational Monday

So after a long and tiring weekend with swim team stuff, I've decided to take the day off from working out. Saturday, my summer team had our swim-a-thon. For every 100 & 200 Laps they swam, they got to pick a coach to pie in the face. Several kids got it, and several kids chose me to pie! There's 7 of us coaches and I got 10 pies, while my the next most was my assistant coach who only got like 3.

Immediately following, I drove 2 1/2 hr to newport news for a year meet. It was an indoor pool that had a glass top on it. The glass had coverings on it, but it still easily reach into the 90's. Sunday was even worse, the outside temp reached triple digits. I was dripping with sweat just standing outside. Inside the pool again was hi 90's and stuffy. I'm glad we didn't have as many swimmers that day, cause we were able to go into the lobby where the AC was pumping nice cold air, keeping everything as a consistant 70. The meet ended around 7ish and I remember passing a Walgreens around 7:30. They had an electric board outside in which it read 98 degrees still. 98 DEGREES AT 7:30 IN THE EVENING! HOT! I got in a 30 minute run between meet session, the heat made sick temporarly, but after a cold shower, I felt pretty good and got my runners high before the last session.

Today, I was searching youtube for a motivational video. I wanted to post something since I hadn't been on since Friday. So here it is, its from the moving "Facing Giants" i think. Haven't seen it yet, but might go rent it now.

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