Monday, May 31, 2010

Motivational Monday and Heats a Killer

So this may be a bit long cause I have to make up for not blogging on Saturdays ride. Plus, I wanna post another motivation video from youtube that I really like. Plus I have to blog on todays Work outs.

So first, Heres the motivational video "No Excuses."

Saturday was great. It was suppose to storm in the afternoon but never did. Instead it stayed overcast and mid 70's most of the day until the sun came out from behind the clouds. It was great for riding. I had a 2 hour ride to do and I went with my buddy Lars, and older gentlemen who insanely fast on the bike and a multiple Ironman finisher. He actually just qualified for Kona not to long ago! Best of luck to him.

We rode on Quantico Marine Base and he took me down some rodes that I hadn't even known existed before. We past multiple artillary ranges, some of which were for tanks. You could see old brown/black burnt tanks out in the distnace that had been previously fire on.

He taught me a handful of things on riding that I never knew. Like how you should flex your foot as you push down on the peddles so you use more of your calf muscle and less of your quads, thus saving your quads for running afterwards in a race. He never runs out of things to talk about, so the conversation is always great and it makes the miles fly by! We ended up riding 32 miles in just under 2 hours or about 17 mph. We both were hitting peaks in our training, so we didnt have much in the legs to push the pace any fasters lol. He'll be tapering for Eagleman Half the next two week, I am just in a recovery week this week and will continue working hard after this week.

Now on to todays work outs! I was at the pool by 9ish this morning. I had a work out of 2500 to do today.
4x200 swim/kick/pull/swim or skips
1x1500 swim which I broke up by 500 FR no equipment, 250 FR w/ fins, 250 FR w/ paddles, 500 Fr No equipment
200 EZ

Following immediately after, I had a 45 minute run. The temperature lately, has been HOT upper 80's/lower 90's. I haven't trained this much in this type of heat EVER. So my body is still trying to adapt and adjust to exerting itself in this hot humid weather. Not saying I don't like running in the heat. I enjoy sweating and running with out a shirt. Feels good, but it bout kills after a couple miles. The legs are burning, stomach is getting a bit sick, and the chest is cramping a bit. I just need to adapt. Ironman Louisville is in late August which I will one day do, so I HAVE to get comfortable at running in the humid heat.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little motivation + a run and a bike today.

A little motivation for everyone. I know its basketball, but I still think its inspiring to work harder!

Nothing out of the ordinary to report today.
Today was a 45 min run, which came out to be about 5 miles. I trail ran it again. My knees were a bit stiff this morning but no pain. Once I got about a mile into it, things started loosening up. 70 degrees and still a bit humid out and again I was soaked at the end of my run.

Immediately following, I hopped onto the bike. I know its backwards in the order of a triathlon, but I feel like if I run first then hop onto the bike, I can improve my bike faster than if I just hop on the bike first and then. As I get closer to race day, I will begin to switch it back to cycling first, then running, to make my training more race specific.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dating a Triathlete

I picked this up a long time ago. Bits and pieces of it are true, but this is a bit extreme haha. Enjoy!

*Dating A Triathlete*
A little insight into the world of a triathlete :)

"I am an outdoors type of person." Really means: I train in any type of weather. If it's raining, snowing, 90 degrees w/100 percent humidity, or winds gusting at 30 mph. I don't want to hear any complaints because I will still train in it and you're just a big wuss for complaining about it.

"I enjoy riding my bike." Really means: with or w/o aero bars, alone or in a peleton, I don't care. If you can't do a spur of the moment 30 miler then you're not my type. I will let you draft, but if you can't hang and I drop you - I will see you later. I am a capable mechanic, but don't expect me to change your flats or tune your bike. You need to learn that on your own.

"I enjoy jogging." Really means: Let's run hills until we puke. I have just as many shoes as you only mine are better because they are functional and all look the same.

"I enjoy dining out." Really means: I enjoy eating out, in or anywhere else I can find food. Don't be shy because with the amount of food I eat, you can have that main entree instead of a salad and you will still look as though you eat like a rabbit in comparison.

Don't get your limbs too close though as I may take a bite out of you. Most importantly don't expect any taste off my plate unless you can bring something to the party like more food. Eventually though if your not burning 4,000 calories a day your going to plump up and have a terrible complex due to watching me eat deserts and not gain any weight. Friends and family will eventually decide not to dine with us anymore due to my horrid table manners. Oh, and don't ask me any questions during breakfast, Mid Morning Lunch, Lunch, Afternoon lunch, Dinner or Recovery Dinner as it does not lend to efficient food intake.

"I enjoy quiet walks on the beach." Really means: Walks on the beach warming up into an 8 mile run and then plunging myself in the lake for a 2 miler. If you get in my way you're going to find out what a mass start is.

"I find fulfillment in charitable work." Really means: If I am not racing, I am volunteering and I expect you to be there along side me as I stand out in 90 degree weather for 8 hours handing out sports drink to cyclists going 20 mph. Just stick the ol' arm out there and hope it doesn't get taken off.

"I enjoy sharing quiet moments together." Really means: It's taper time. Just back off because I am strategizing and in a pissy mood because I am worried about my "A" race and can't workout.

"I am an active person." Really means: Aside from my 40 hour job, and the 8 mandatory hours of sleep a night. 10 hours a week are devoted to me during the off-season and 20 during race season leaving us 4 hours. 2 of which are spent inhaling food and you not talking to me, so let's make the best of the 2 hours we will spend together on average each day. If you are a licensed message therapist or doctor this would make the most optimal use of our time together. Nutritionist is also acceptable, but I probably already know just as much as you.

"I enjoy road trips and leisurely drives." Really means: You have your choice of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Idaho, Florida, California, Arizona, and New York, but don't expect to do much site seeing. If I get enough support from you we might be able to include Hawaii in there.

"I enjoy site seeing." Really means: Lets grab a mountain bike and get our HR's up to RPE 19. There's plenty of time to look around on the descent as trees and bushes whiz by you at 40 mph.

"I like stimulating conversation." Really means: while we are running, we can talk about food. Then we can talk about how we decided what to wear on this run based on the temperature at start time versus the temperature at the time we expect to finish, how horribly out of shape we are, how many miles we did last week, and how many we will do this week and next week. Then we can talk about food.

"I enjoy relaxing soaks in the tub." Really Means: I'm going to stop on the way home and buy two bags of ice, throw them in the tub with some water, and sit in this torture chamber for 30 minutes.

"I'm interested in photography" Really Means: My camera is permanently perched a tripod in front of my trainer. I obsess over taking photos of my bike position and analyzing them to get the perfect setup.

"I'm into in technology" Really Means: My HRM and bike computer are my best friends. Until you can give me some hard data that can improve my training, don't bother trying to buddy up to me. You could one day break into the top three if I find you as entertaining on long runs and rides as my mp3 player