Monday, May 31, 2010

Motivational Monday and Heats a Killer

So this may be a bit long cause I have to make up for not blogging on Saturdays ride. Plus, I wanna post another motivation video from youtube that I really like. Plus I have to blog on todays Work outs.

So first, Heres the motivational video "No Excuses."

Saturday was great. It was suppose to storm in the afternoon but never did. Instead it stayed overcast and mid 70's most of the day until the sun came out from behind the clouds. It was great for riding. I had a 2 hour ride to do and I went with my buddy Lars, and older gentlemen who insanely fast on the bike and a multiple Ironman finisher. He actually just qualified for Kona not to long ago! Best of luck to him.

We rode on Quantico Marine Base and he took me down some rodes that I hadn't even known existed before. We past multiple artillary ranges, some of which were for tanks. You could see old brown/black burnt tanks out in the distnace that had been previously fire on.

He taught me a handful of things on riding that I never knew. Like how you should flex your foot as you push down on the peddles so you use more of your calf muscle and less of your quads, thus saving your quads for running afterwards in a race. He never runs out of things to talk about, so the conversation is always great and it makes the miles fly by! We ended up riding 32 miles in just under 2 hours or about 17 mph. We both were hitting peaks in our training, so we didnt have much in the legs to push the pace any fasters lol. He'll be tapering for Eagleman Half the next two week, I am just in a recovery week this week and will continue working hard after this week.

Now on to todays work outs! I was at the pool by 9ish this morning. I had a work out of 2500 to do today.
4x200 swim/kick/pull/swim or skips
1x1500 swim which I broke up by 500 FR no equipment, 250 FR w/ fins, 250 FR w/ paddles, 500 Fr No equipment
200 EZ

Following immediately after, I had a 45 minute run. The temperature lately, has been HOT upper 80's/lower 90's. I haven't trained this much in this type of heat EVER. So my body is still trying to adapt and adjust to exerting itself in this hot humid weather. Not saying I don't like running in the heat. I enjoy sweating and running with out a shirt. Feels good, but it bout kills after a couple miles. The legs are burning, stomach is getting a bit sick, and the chest is cramping a bit. I just need to adapt. Ironman Louisville is in late August which I will one day do, so I HAVE to get comfortable at running in the humid heat.

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